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King Kong

King Kong

Measuring a stately 2.38 meters in height, the impressive King-Kong figure from the official game tie-in to Peter Jackson’s film has been available on the market since November 2005.

The clients for this overwhelming King-Kong figure are Ubisoft, France, and Universal Pictures, USA.

The prototype was developed in 2½ months of meticulous work based on the specifications of director Peter Jackson and the Weta Special Effect Studios in the Studio Oxmox space (Gaby and Mark Klinnert) in Australia.

King-Kong Specifications:

Material: fibreglass
Height: 2.38 m
Height of base: approx. 65 cm
Parts: right/left arm, body, base (5 parts)
Packaging: 3 boxes
Edition: limited
Price: not for sale

This figure is not for sale.
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